Is Face Oil Better Than Your Moisturizer?

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There are so many untruths in the world of skincare. Many people who think they’re in the know would question you if you swapped out a moisturiser for a facial oil. This is because, according to popular belief, facial oils should only be used during winter and should not be included in your regular beauty routine. Absolute garbage.

Many of the myths that seem to surround facial oils have been debunked by experts and leading brands that now manufacture their own cold-pressed facial oils. What we should be asking are sensible questions, such as is the right facial oil for my skintype? Or perhaps, how quickly does this moisturizer work?

So, should you choose face oil or moisturizer? Well this will depend on a very important factor, you and your skin! After all, one type doesn’t fit all. But we can help you find out the answer for yourself, as this article explains the truth about face oils. Later on, you can decide between the two skin care products.

Face oil is made of natural ingredients

Many face oils are 100% cold-pressed or made from fragrant plant oils, non-fragrant plant oils, and synthetic oils. Though moisturizers may have some of these essential oils, their other ingredients can sometimes cause irritation to the skin.

For this reason, many people prefer organic products. Some of the ingredients you will find on the market are jojoba, red raspberry, argan, and grapeseed. All these ingredients have distinct benefits and are proven to be effective for the skin, which is why prices may vary.

Face oil for all seasons

The truth is that face oil can be applied every day and all year round for better results. You can use it as a moisturizer in winter, keeping your skin hydrated. You can also use it together with a sunscreen in summer, for some face oils have natural SPF properties.

Or if you want to save space in your luggage, you can swap face oil for your heavy moisturizer. Not only does facial oil protect you from UV rays, it can also give your skin a beautiful glow.

Face oil is for all skin types

Whether you are just keeping your skin healthy or dealing with skin problems such as eczema, facial oil is going to help you. Whether you have oily, dry, or sensitive skin, most facial oils are made for all skin types. This way, you do not need to buy several skin care products for specific skin conditions for face oils are packed with essential vitamins for your skin type.

Face oil effectively reduces oil in skin and prevents acne

Yes, you can use oil for your oily skin. Since oil is denser than water, it can trap the water and deeply penetrate it into your skin. The result is a moisturized and bacteria-free skin. And when your face has fewer bacteria, the chances of getting acne are low.

One of the best face oils is one made of jojoba. This type of face oil is very similar to the oil that the skin’s sebum produces. And because of that, your skin does not need to overproduce. As it regulates the production of oil, it also soothes inflammation and prevents dryness.

Face oil gently tackles common skin conditions

A lot of skin care brands claim that their face oil can be used to minimize the visibility of wrinkles, fine lines, and skin blemishes. But other than these, face oils have proven to be effective in treating psoriasis, burns, mosquito bites, and hyperpigmentation.

While other products can also have this ability, face oil stands out because it gently deals with these common skin conditions. That is because there are no harsh chemicals added into it.

Face oil as an effective anti-aging product

Most face oils are rich in antioxidants that reverse the signs of aging. They are able to repair your skin while restoring its elasticity by neutralizing free radicals. Some of the best face oils that you should choose to rejuvenate your skin are grape skins, rose oils, marula oils, and goji berries.

So, which is really better, face oil or moisturizer? The answer is probably both. Experts say that these two are better together. Using face oil alongside your moisturizer allows the products to do their jobs better.

You can apply the face oil first then the moisturizer after or vice versa. Just make sure to apply the one with most active ingredients first. Or you can resort to mixing the two skin care products.

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