Creating The Perfect DIY Face Oil Moisturizer

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Just how much do you really invest on your top shelf, luxurious natural facial oils each month? Probably a lot, right? Any of these diy face oil moisturizer recipes can provide you with superior benefits than all of these products.

Better yet, for a small percentage of the money you would normally spend! Facial lines, blotching, brown spots, and a whole host of other imperfections will melt away!

You will find there’s no great mystery to it, as the secret to facial oils & moisturizers is to utilize the right essential oils, and that’s the bit I can help with! I have already trawled through my local library and poured over the research already so you don’t have to.

I’ve checked out countless face lotion and moisturizer how to’s, particularly moistursizer recipes using only natural oils. Not only that but I’ve produced many of them myself in my own home, and so today I’ll go ahead and share the most effective recipes I’ve come across so far.

DIY Face Oil Step 2 b

Why Make Your Own DIY Face Oil Moisturizer?

I nearly attempted to measure up my recipes to one of the best store bought face oils, yet there truly aren’t any on the market. If you make these at home, they will be fresh and won’t ever end up hanging around on a shelf in a warehouse or stockroom for god knows how many years (unlike their store bought cousins).

But merely for evaluative purposes, I’ll give it a go! Formulas created by the skincare industry, made with unnecessary preservative chemicals, would set you back four times the amount you’ll spend on making this natural facial oil recipe at home.

The amount of face oil you’ll produce when you follow these recipes should usually last for a few months before you run out. But due to the fact that I whip it up by myself, I can treat myself and indulge just that little bit! I’ll apply it to my whole body a couple of times every week.

Why Make Your Own DIY Face Oil

If you were wondering, using homemade facial oils on the skin won’t leave you feeling really greasy. More often than not I prefer thinner oils which are quickly soaked up by your skin, they’re perfectly nourishing and definitely will moisturize your face, hands, feet and any area of skin to the highest degree! You’ll feel like queen for the day, and think of that vacation you’re saving for.

How To Use These DIY Face Oil Recipes

  • When you follow these moisturizer how to’s, remember that the products produced have a shelf-life of around 18 months. This is because we’re not using any preservative, but if you use it like I do you just won’t ever need one. You will be able to use these face oils as much as you need or desire, and they will easily replace any anti-wrinkle serums or creams you’re already using, or switch them out every few treatments.
  • You can actually use any of the diy face oil blends I’ve listed below overnight and apply a different moisturizing cream in the daytime, or the other way around. You can even use these recipes to produce a superb homemade face serum as well! Be sure to shake the bottle of your facial oil prior to use, as you can tell from the image that the oils can separate after a short while.
  • To use, just apply a bit of your homemade face oil onto the forehead, temple, around the nose, cheeks and on the chin then rub in by gentle message. Try using just the tips of your fingers, applying the homemade face moisturizer to the face by lightly smoothing it across the skin. A great way to get it to work on the neck, cheeks and forehead more quickly is by employing upward strokes, then using careful circular motions around your eye area, beginning with the inner corners and working your way out. Be sure not to touch any area of your eyeball, and if this happens rinse with clean, warm water. Let the oil soak into the skin for 4-5 minutes, then you can go ahead and apply whatever makeup you use or even another moisturizer.

How To Make Homemade Face Oil

Any of the diy face oil moisturizers I’ve listed will produce approximately 50 ml, enough so that you can fill a 2 oz bottle to the very top leaving very little headspace (so be careful when you’re pouring it in, try using a funnel).

You probably didn’t know about the natural anti-oxidant properties of Vitamin E oil, naturally extended the shelf life of your diy facial oil as well as adding incredible benefits for your skin! I will always incorporate 2g in any facial oil I make for this very reason, and you should too.
Anything else you might want to add it totally up to your experimentation!

Equipment You Will Need

What You Need To Make DIY Face Oil

Balanced Recipe For Mature Skin

To give you a taste of how simple these recipes really are, we’re making you absolute favorite! It’s wonderful diy face oil moisturizer that will help balance mature or worn skin. This always gets my skin feeling firmer and healthier, and will strengthen the elastic properties of the skin meaning small lines and wrinkles will vanish! If, like me, you’re getting on a bit but want that glow back – give it a try!



This is very easy.
Step 1. Weigh up your ingredients, using a digital weighing scale and then stir well. You’ll want to weigh in a little bowl, jug or glass.

DIY Face Oil Step 1 a
DIY Face Oil Step 1 b
DIY Face Oil Step 1 c

Step 2. Decanter the mixture into your choice of bottle. It might be an idea to label it, especially if you’re planning to make more than one.

DIY Face Oil Step 2 a

And there you have it, your inexpensive, freshly made facial oil is ready to use!

DIY facial oil

A Night Time Facial Oil Recipe

Try this amazing homemade face oil for use at night, getting to work while smoothing out those lines and hydrating your skin as you snooze! It’s great for balancing the oils of the skin, but can be used for all skin types.

Rosehip oil is perfect if you have sensitive skin, and will soak into the skin in a flash without any yucky greasiness! Sebun production is balanced by the use of geranium essential oil, and will further nourish combination and dry skin types.


  • 4fl oz (100ml) Rosehip Seed Oil
  • 10 drops Ylang Ylang essential oil
  • 4 drops Geranium essential oil

Before bed, massage the oil into your skin while it’s still warm after a bath or after washing off your makeup. The oil will soak in while you’re sleeping and will work as a natural ultra conditioning oil.

Deep Moisturizing Overnight Treatment

Dull or dry skin can be brought back to life with this amazing overnight moisturiser for deep reaching and intensive treatments.


  • 2 tablespoons (30ml) Apricot Kernel Oil
  • 10 drops Geranium essential oil
  • 5 drops Chamomile essential oil
  • 5 drops Rosemary essential oil
  • 5 drops Lavender essential oil
  • 5 drops Jasmine essential oil

Just massage a bit into your skin, dabbing any extra oil you don’t need with a cotton swab or clean tissue-paper and leave it on as you sleep overnight. It has a shelf-life of about 3 months.

I’m sure you’ll be as successful as I have following recipes for diy face oil moisturizer! Let us know in the comments section below how you’ve got on and how amazing it makes your skin feel. Don’t forget to share any recipes you have or any substitutes/additions that have worked great for you, I love to see them!

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