Is Argan Oil Good for My Face?

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Have you recently discovered argan oil? Are you wondering whether it is right for you? If so, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will explore what argan oil is, what the benefits of argan oil are, and uses for this popular oil.

If you have been considering changing up your beauty routine, argan oil may be the answer you have been searching for. It is affordable, easy to use, and can be purchased in organic form.

Additionally, it helps keep your skin soft and smooth as well as very moisturized. Below is more information to help you understand what argan oil is, what the benefits of the product are, and how it is used.

What is Argan Oil

Argan oil comes from argan trees. You likely have not heard of these trees because they can only be found in one country – Morocco. The argan trees grow nuts, which are then used to produce the argan oil.

The oil is gold in color, similar to olive oil. While some companies add other toxic chemicals, you can purchase pure and organic argan oil as well.

What are the Benefits of Argan Oil?

Argan oil has so many different uses that it is nearly impossible to list them all. However, we will try. If you have ever had the experience of having brittle hair, hair with dead ends, or lots of frizz, argan oil can help you alleviate those problems. In addition, it tends to add shine and glow to your hair and makes it easier to comb through it.

Perhaps the most common use of argan oil is as a moisturizer for the skin. Given that the oil has many natural fatty acids and vitamins (like vitamin E), it is easy to see why so many people prefer to use argan oil as opposed to creams that are loaded with extra additives.

This product is especially beneficial in harsh weather conditions. It can help repair very dry skin such as when it occurs from eczema or cold weather. In fact, it can also help alleviate skin irritation and itching.

Have you noticed more lines and wrinkles around your face? Argan oil has natural ingredients that have an antioxidant function, which promotes skin elasticity. Thus, with repeated use, you should see a decrease in wrinkles and lines. Additionally, the oil will help protect against future wrinkles and lines.

If you have ever had acne, then you have likely tried a variety of products to remedy the acne problem. What if you could use one product that would stop acne for good? Well, with argan oil that is highly probable.

Argan oil has so many other uses. For example, it can help heal dry lips and prevent cracking from occurring. You can use it to help strengthen nails. It can be applied to very dry patches of skin, like elbows and knees, to make them soft.

Pregnant women love this product because it can help stop stretch marks before they occur. It can be used on any external area of your body and it is also safe for you and the fetus.

How Do I Use Argan Oil?

If you are using argan oil as a moisturizer, simply rub it into your skin and wait for it to be absorbed. If you are using it to improve hair quality, your best bet is to add a few drops to your shampoo or conditioner. You can also apply it directly to lips, nails, and dry patches.

If you want to use argan oil to shave, simply lather up (although you will not see suds) and be prepared for an extra close shave that leaves your legs feeling very moisturized. Unlike traditional shaving creams that could leave you feeling itchy, this will leave your legs feeling refreshed.

You can use argan oil instead of your makeup remover. Simply rub it over the area where you want to remove the makeup using a tissue or Q-tip. If you have not yet tried facial oil cleansing, you might opt for that instead of using it as a makeup remover.

When you use the facial oil cleansing procedure, you need to apply about a quarter-sized amount of argan oil to your face and rub it in for one to two minutes. After the oil has been rubbed in, you will need to wet a wash cloth so that it is very hot.

After you remove the excess water from the washcloth, spread it over your entire face. The steam from the washcloth will actually remove all impurities from your face, including makeup. This will save you a step in your beauty routine.


Although argan oil is not new, you may not have heard of it before because the trees that product argan nuts only grow in one part of Morocco and not in any other countries. The benefits of argan oil have long been known to the people of Morocco.

Argan oil can be used to help moisturize dry and cracked skin. Additionally, it can help stop itching and redness from occurring. The oil can also be used for improving the shine and luster of your hair. You can apply it to your scalp or hair.

There are many other uses for argan oil. For example, it can be used by women who are pregnant to prevent stretch marks and cellulite. You will also find that this product can be used to remove makeup, clean pores, and help clear up acne.

The article also discussed ways that argan oil could be used. How you are supposed to use the product depends on where you want to use it. For example, you can use it as part of a daily cleaning routine. Above, we described the method for using it in this way.

You can also apply the product directly to your skin, hair, lips, or nails. You can even use the product for shaving and to remove makeup.

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