Everything A Woman Needs to Know About The Best Face Oils

Before moisturizers were invented, face oils were the best-kept secrets of Egyptians. And now they are making a comeback.

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During recent years, many cosmetic and skin care companies have released their own versions of what they call the best facial oil. A lot of women think it is odd to include face oil in their daily beauty routine not knowing that this regimen was first introduced by ancient Egyptians.

Before moisturizers were invented, face oils were the best-kept secrets of Egyptians. And now they are making a comeback. Because some people are still doubtful about using this product, different research has been conducted to support its beneficial claims. But before you learn about its benefits, you must first understand what face oil really is.

What are Face Oils?

Face oils are either made of one ingredient or a combination of different oils. Those oils may include fragrant plant oils, non-fragrant plant oils, and synthetic oils. Though it is called face oil, this skin regimen can be applied to different parts of the body like the neck, back, nails, scalp, and hair.

There are different types of face oils on the market today. Manufacturers use different ingredients such as jojoba, argan, red raspberry, and evening primrose. As you may have noticed, each type or ingredient has different key benefits. This is because no face oil is the same. Some are good at anti-aging while others are good at SPF protection.

Are All Face Oils Good for You?

Most manufacturers will state that their face oil is good for all types of skin on their product description. However, experts say that not all oils will work great for you. Since people are genetically different, some face oils might have a different reaction on your skin. Therefore, you need to take extra care.

If you are asking if you should use a face oil, then the answer is definitely yes because your regular moisturizer is usually not enough. Whether you just want to keep your skin healthy or soothe common skin problems, a face oil can surely help you. Most of the brands today have rich amounts of vitamins that provide a moisturizing effect, something every type of skin needs.

Face Oil and Moisturizers

Instead of searching for a new moisturizer, why not add one of the best face oils to your routine? This allows both skin products to provide you with better results. Many people have tried it and said that the effect is smoother, softer, and younger looking skin. In fact, you will not only look great but also feel great when you combine these two.

This means that you do not have to completely eliminate or replace your moisturizer. Apply your face oil under your moisturizer or vice versa, keeping in mind that the one with the most active ingredients should be the first layer. Don’t mind the debate between what is better between the two, as long as you are using your trusted moisturizer. They are better together.

What Makes Face Oils a Great Beauty Skin Care Product?

The best oil for your face provides a variety of benefits not just for the face but for the skin, hair, and scalp. The following are some of the best advantages of face oil in general:

Minimizes the signs of aging

Every woman loves to have skin that looks young and vibrant. Face oils are effective moisturizers that hydrate the skin, and therefore slow down aging. Most of them are rich in antioxidants that promote elasticity by neutralizing free radicals.

Soothes skin irritations and provides relief to common skin problems

Those who suffer from eczema, psoriasis, burns, and more do not only hate the ugly appearance of their skin but also the irritation these skin problems bring. Since face oil is rich in essential nutrients such as vitamins A and E, they are able to provide soothing relief while gently healing the skin

Good for people with oily skin

One mistake that people with oily skin often commit is to use harsh stripping products. They don’t realize that the lack of natural oil in the body will cause the glands to reproduce more. The better way to combat it is to use face oil that mimics the body’s natural oils. This way the production will be balanced and skin will look naturally nourished and glowing, not greasy.

Great for all seasons

Everyone knows that oil is essential during the winter season because it hydrates the skin when the weather is cold. What you do not know is that it is good for all seasons. Another benefit of some face oils is their ability to protect the skin from harmful UV rays.

Apply it together with your sunscreen so that your skin will be protected and moisturized even if you spend long hours bathing in the sun.

The Top 5 Most Recommended Face Oils

Now that you know the wide range of benefits of face oil, it is time to learn about some of the most recommended brands on the market. The following products are considered as the best oils for the face because they have an average of more than four stars when it comes to their satisfaction rating. Read their short description and find out if one of them is what you need for daily use.





Radha Beauty Review4.3/5
PURA D’OR Review 4.4/5
Leven Rose Review 4.6/5
 Pur360 Review 4.4/5
Eve Hansen Serum Review 4.4/5
 DHC Olive Oil Review 4.6/5
Teddie Organics Rosehip Seed Oil for Face, Hair and Skin 1oz, Pure Rose Hip Oil (Works as a Carrier and Facial Oil)
  • HIGH UP IN THE MOUNTAIN AIR OF SOUTHERN CHILE - the Mapuche Indians have been using Rosehip Oil for centuries. This amber oil has been used to protect their skin from the anti-aging effects of the harsh weather, lighten scars, soothe burns and minimize rashes and stretch marks during pregnancy.
 Teddie Organics Review 4.8/5
 Raw Biology Review 4.4/5
Majestic Pure Review 4.5/5

Radha Beauty Rosehip Oil

Radha Beauty Rosehip Oil

First on our list is the Beauty Rosehip Oil by Radha. This product has received positive reviews online because it is affordable and effective. For a reasonable price, you will get their 4-oz. bottle. This is most cost effective, making them a better choice over other products.

This rosehip oil is 100% cold-pressed, meaning it is extracted directly from the rosehip seed with no additional chemicals, fragrance, or toxins that might be present in some moisturizers.

The product promises to revitalize skin to make it look brighter and more radiant. Aside from this, it also reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, scars, and stretch marks. What is more is that rosehip oil can soothe burns, dry skin, and eczema. If you are suffering from psoriasis or hyperpigmentation, this is your best option. You can even apply it to brittle nails and damaged hair.

This product is perfect for everyday use because it leaves skin soft and not greasy. All this is possible because this product is rich in vitamins A, E, and Omega 6, 3, and 9 fatty acids. Aside from this, the manufacturer also guarantees to return the payment in full to those who are not satisfied with the product.

For these reasons, there is no risk in buying and using this product. Lastly, it comes complete with a free guide or instruction via email.


  • More affordable than other brands
  • Can be applied on different parts of the body such as skin, face, hair, and nails
  • Complete with a money back guarantee


  • Some people questions the authenticity of the oil for it is too dark, unlike normal yellow rosehip oil
  • Leaves orange flakes or marks after use

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Radha Beauty 4 oz Organic Rosehip Seed Oil 100% Pure Cold Pressed - Great Carrier Oil for Moisturizing Face, Hair, Skin, & Nails, Hydrating and Nourishing
  • Experience the natural wonders of Radha Beauty's 4 Oz Organic Rosehip Seed Oil, meticulously crafted through cold-pressed methods to preserve its pureness and potency.
  • Unlock the secret to radiant, youthful skin with our organic rosehip seed oil, rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids that deeply nourish and hydrate, leaving your skin soft, smooth, and glowing.
  • Transform your hair with the hydrating power of rosehip seed oil, known for its ability to moisturize and strengthen strands, promoting shine, vitality, and manageability without weighing hair down.
  • Pamper your nails and cuticles with the revitalizing properties of our organic rosehip seed oil, which works to strengthen and protect against brittleness and breakage, leaving nails looking healthy and beautiful.
  • Whether you have dry, oily, or sensitive skin, our versatile rosehip seed oil serves as the perfect carrier oil, absorbing quickly without clogging pores or leaving a greasy residue, for a balanced and nourished complexion.

PURA D’OR Moroccan Argan Oil

Pura d’Or Moroccan Argan Oil

PURA D’OR Moroccan Argan Oil is another 4-oz. face oil that is very affordable. It is also 100% pure cold-pressed and risk-free. Like the first oil, it is certified organic with no added parabens, artificial colorants, or harmful chemicals.

In fact, it has passed the standards of the USDA. It is guaranteed safe and made of high-quality argan oil. According to the manufacturer, this product is the best-kept secret of the stars. And since argan oil is quite rare, it tends to be more expensive than other face oils. However, the company made it affordable to the public so everyone can have young and glowing skin.

Although the product only contains one ingredient, it is rich in vitamin E and antioxidants that are essential for protecting the skin from long-term damage. Aside from reducing fine lines, wrinkles, stretch marks, and facial blemishes, this product is also responsible for restoring the elasticity of your skin.

The result is softer and smoother skin. Adding to the list of its benefits are its ability to repair dry, frizzy hair and brittle nails as well as to protect skin from cold winds and pollution. Furthermore, this Moroccan Argan Oil is hypo-allergenic, which is why it safe for face, skin, hair, and nails.

Many reviews say that it is a good moisturizer for skin, leaving it grease-free. It works well an anti-aging and anti-bacterial treatment in addition. Manufactured in a facility in California, this product adheres to the highest manufacturing standards of the USA.


  • Soothes a variety of common skin problems
  • Comes at a discounted price
  • Has passed the standards of the USDA


  • Works the same as the other more inexpensive brands
  • The pump on the bottle is difficult to use, spurting out the oil in a blast
  • Some thinks it is too liquidy while others think it is too oily

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PURA D'OR 4 Oz ORGANIC Moroccan Argan Oil - USDA Certified 100% Pure & Cold Pressed Virgin Premium Grade Natural Moisturizer Treatment For Dry, Damaged Skin, Hair, Face, Body & Scalp - Men & Women
  • DAILY PROTECTION: Argan Oil adds an extra layer of protection against environmental factors that can cause damage to skin and hair.
  • SALON-LIKE TREATMENT: Argan Oil for hair locks in natural moisture by boosting superior hydration levels. Its penetrating vitamins tame frizzy, brittle hair from roots to ends, and balances hair oil production.
  • SKIN NOURISHMENT: Helps reduce redness and skin irritation with its anti-aging properties. A non-comedogenic facial oil that is not too oily on the skin.
  • VERSATILE MOISTURIZER: It's not just Argan Oil for face but it works for your body too. The only and best moisturizer to treat your skin, face, hair and nails to its softest and supplest conditions the way nature intended.

Red Raspberry Seed Oil by Leven Rose

Red Raspberry Seed Oil by Leven Rose

Red Raspberry Seed Oil by Leven Rose is among the best brands of its kind with a whopping 4.8/5-star of satisfaction rating on Amazon. For a reasonable price, you will get a bottle with 1 fluid oz. of face oil that you can apply daily. Like the first two, it is also made of natural, unrefined, and organic cold-pressed oil.

The company did not compromise the quality of the face oil by adding fillers, parabens, GMOs, or other harmful chemicals. Instead, they stuck to using one ingredient that contained rich amounts of vitamins A and E. This way, there is less of a chance for negative side effects, which is common when using over the counter moisturizers.

Aside from making your skin look youthful and glowing, the product also protects it from harmful UV rays. This is because red raspberry oil has natural SPF properties, something that other face oils do not have. If you are a frequent traveler, this oil is a must have. It even goes well with your sunscreen.

Of course, the product is also responsible for providing relief for those suffering from eczema, psoriasis, burns, and rashes. Not only that, it also deals with stretch marks, wrinkles, and other signs of aging. Packaged in a dark amber glass bottle with a glass stopper, the manufacturer advises that it should be stored in a cool, dry place. It promises that this oil will work for all skin types.


  • Has natural SPF properties for protecting your skin against sun damage
  • Anti-animal testing and cruelty-free
  • Comes complete with a money back guarantee


  • No red raspberry scent
  • Oil level is too low as compared to other types of face oils

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Leven Rose Red Raspberry Seed Oil Organic 1 oz - 100% Natural with Anti-Oxidants, Vitamin E, and Vitamin A - Anti Aging Raspberry Oil for Face, Hands, Scars, and Breakouts
  • Indulge in the luxurious goodness of 100% Pure Red Raspberry Seed Oil, extracted from the finest organic red raspberries to provide unmatched benefits for your skin.
  • Suitable for all skin types, this organic raspberry oil for skin deeply moisturizes and promotes cell regeneration, helping you achieve a healthy, radiant complexion.
  • Experience the power of organic red raspberry seed oil, packed with antioxidants and vitamins, which protect your skin from harmful UV rays and prevent premature aging, while restoring fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Our organic raspberry seed oil acts as an excellent emollient and moisturizer, rich in phytosterols and Vitamin A, which nourish your skin and help restore its natural glow and youthfulness.
  • Proudly made in the USA, our cruelty-free and ethically sourced raspberry oil for skin comes in a dark amber glass bottle with a glass stopper, ensuring maximum potency and shelf life. And if you're not 100% satisfied, we offer a hassle-free money-back guarantee.

Pur360 Tamanu Oil

Tamanu Oil by Pur360

Pur360 Tamanu Oil is not only ranked number four here on this list but also on Amazon under the face oil category. With a 4.4/5 star satisfaction rating, this 1 fluid oz. bottle has been bringing dramatic changes to most of its buyers. Like other face oils, this one is ideal for daily use.

It is also cold-pressed and truly organic as certified by the USDA. As proof that they are a reliable and credible brand, all of their bottles have a USDA symbol on them. Since it is pure and organic, there is no trace of fillers, parabens, alcohol, or GMOs found in this tamanu oil.

This type of face oil is known as an anti-aging skin care ingredient that makes you look youthful and glowing. This is made possible because it can reduce the appearance of your acne scars, stretch marks, and other general scars.

Furthermore, it has the ability to regenerate skin and provide immediate relief to those with psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, burns, and rashes. And if you have mosquito bites, dry and flaky scalp, or overly dry skin, this product is sure to treat them, too.

According to reviews, Tamanu Oil is impressively longer lasting than other brands. In other words, it provides moisture to your skin for hours throughout the day. It also works for most skin types, whether oily, sensitive, or dry.

The product is packaged in a dark amber glass bottle with a convenient treatment pump. It comes with a money back guarantee from the manufacturer to ensure satisfaction. And if you are going to buy two bottles on Amazon, the shop will ship to your doorstep for free.


  • Truly organic as certified by USDA
  • Comes with an easy to use pump for convenient application
  • Two bottles of this Tamanu Oil include free shipping
  • Works faster and moisturizes the skin longer than other face oils


  • Has an odd, possibly unpleasant smell
  • Issues with people experiencing skin break-out

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PUR360 Tamanu Oil - Best Treatment for Psoriasis, Eczema, Acne Scar, Rosacea - Relief for Dry, Scaly Skin, Scalp and More - Cold Pressed – Proven 100% Pure
  • FOR SKIN: Pur360 Tamanu Oil possesses a unique ability to promote healthy skin. It is an ideal treatment for many common skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, acne scars, general scars, burns, stings, dermatitis, and dry scalp
  • Use it as a skin conditioner to keep skin youthful, vibrant and glowing. Pur360 Tamanu Oil is also a superb moisturizer.

Eve Hansen Retinol Vitamin-A Anti-Aging Serum

Eve Hansen Retinol Vitamin-A Anti-Aging Serum

Unlike the first four, this product comes in a form of serum and not oil. In other words, it is not made of only one ingredient but is a blend of different organic ingredients. Nevertheless, it is still safe for everyone because it is 100% vegan with no added fillers, parabens, alcohol, or other harmful chemicals.

Some of the ingredients in this serum include an organic herbal infusion, organic aloe, botanical hyaluronic acid, witch hazel, pentylene glycol, and phospholipids. All these contribute to the anti-aging and healing power of the product to make your skin look glowing and radiant like never before. It is also made in the USA and has passed strict standards of high-quality anti-aging serums.

Daily use of this serum results in reduced visibility of fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging. It is made possible because of the product’s proven ability to promote collagen and elastin production. In fact, according to many verified purchasers, this serum is able to moisturize and heal skin faster than other brands.

Perhaps this is because of the combination of vitamins and essential minerals from the different ingredients. It works for most skin types, leaving anyone’s skin nourished and grease-free. This product is packaged in a pump bottle for easier application. It also comes complete with a money back guarantee from the manufacturer.


  • Has a great blend of essential oils and other ingredients that are organic and vegan
  • Moisturizes skin and soothes skin irritation faster than other brands
  • Packaged in a pump bottle for easier application


  • Not a good serum against UV rays
  • Issues with people having experienced skin breakouts after use

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Eve Hansen Retinol Serum for Face 2% | (2oz) Facelift in a Bottle Wrinkle Filler Pore Minimizer Anti Aging Serum | Organic Retinol Anti Wrinkle Serum, Vitamin A Serum, Hyaluronic Acid
  • Say Goodbye to Dull Skin with our powerful yet gentle 2% vegan retinol face serum. Our skin tightening serum can help to remove dead skin from face and shrink pores. For advanced night repair use with micro dermaroller or as a neck wrinkle treatment
  • Naturally Stimulate Collagen production and fight wrinkles, fine lines and retain a healthy complexion. Use our cruelty free face moisturizer for acne prone skin at night with our vitamin c serum for face tightening and lifting
  • Ultimate Skin Regeneration - deep wrinkle treatment, skin firming serum, skin discoloration treatment, pore reducer, lip filler, eye puffiness treatment, eye serum, age spot remover for face, acne scar treatment, and brightening serum
  • Infusion of Botanic Antioxidants - Our retinol moisturizer serum is made with skin healing ingredients including jojoba oil organic, Vitamin E, witch hazel, and organic aloe to make the ultimate hydrating serum sun spot remover for face
  • Discover Beauty The Natural Way - Natural and Organic Ingredients. Cruelty-free. Vegan. Made in USA. No Sulfates. No Parabens. No Phthalates. Beauty without cruelty.


Although all of the products listed above seem to have the same effect, not all of them will be effective on your skin. They are cold pressed and made from different ingredients; therefore, they have distinct features or properties that make them a better choice over the other.

The best way to find out which one of them will be the best oil for face is to do further research. Since it involves the health of your skin, which is one of the most sensitive and important parts of the body, take extra care in using different skin products. Research the types of oil that you should avoid and only choose face oils that are pure and certified organic to ensure safety.