Botanical Beauty Raspberry Seed Oil Review

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You have likely heard of almond oil, grape seed oil, and coconut oil. But did you know that raspberry seed oil also has a lot of health and beauty benefits? When you think about it, it makes sense that raspberries would have some powerful benefits since they are so healthy for the body.

Not sure how to use Botanical Beauty Raspberry Seed Oil? The below article discusses some ways that raspberry seed oil can be used to help your body look and feel beautiful. One feature that is unique to the oil that is derived from raspberries is that it can actually help stop you from itching.

No need to use toxic anti-itch creams – just dab a little bit of this natural raspberry seed oil on the area that itches and you will get some relief in no time! Want to learn more about how to use raspberry seed oil? The article below runs through some of the main pros, cons, and features of this product.


Botanical Beauty Raspberry Seed Oil only weighs 2.9 ounces to ship. Additionally, when you apply this product to your skin, it is quickly absorbed without leaving heavy residue. This raspberry seed oil is completely natural. In fact, it is suitable for vegans to use and it is not tested on animals.

The bottle comes with a pump, which makes applying the oil quite easy. Since raspberries as considered a superfruit, your skin reaps a number of health benefits from this product thanks to high levels of vitamin E and lots of necessary fatty acids that occur naturally in this fruit.


There is a lot to like about the natural raspberry seed oil. It can be used for a number of beauty related tasks such as adding moisture to your hair, nails, or skin. If you use it on your hair, you should expect to see extra shine from the ingredients and fewer split ends over time.

When used on your skin, it has an antioxidant quality that is not found in many other oils. Your skin will be smoother and the product will work to lessen the number of wrinkles and lines that you can see. Lastly, it is ideal for individuals who live with eczema since it can dually moisturize and help stop itchiness.

While it should not be used alone as sun protection, it does indeed help to repel the sun’s rays. You can apply the oil directly to your skin or add it to your shampoo or conditioner. It can also be easily added to other products, such as your sunscreen or lotion, to make applying it even easier.


A number of issues have been reported when using this product. One problem is that it should not be used alone as a sunscreen since you could burn.

However, you could add some of this to a sunscreen in order to make it a powerful protectant for your time in the sun. Secondly, you may find that the oil does not get absorbed into your skin as quickly as you would like, which could make it messy if you touch other fabrics or furniture while there is oil on your skin.

Additionally, the product comes in a plastic container, rather than glass, which is something you may wish to consider. You may also find that you do not like the smell of the product, which could be a problem especially if you plan to sleep with it on or add it to your hair.


Raspberry seed oil has a number of natural benefits that help keep your skin looking and feeling great. For example, there is vitamin E, fatty oils, and natural sun protection built into this product, all done without the need to add harsh ingredients. In fact, there are only natural ingredients used in the creation of this oil.

The product claims to be quickly absorbed into your skin. The product comes with a pump for easy application without spills. It also helps stop you from itching, which makes it great for use after bug bites or eczema flare-ups. Additionally, you can use it on hair or skin.

However, the product smells bad, which you might find difficult to deal with. It also may leave some residue on your skin, so you would need to be careful about not touching fabrics or furniture with an oil residue on you.


There are a number of other types of oils, or different brands of the same kind of oil, that might be good alternatives for your needs. One good comparable product is another brand of raspberry oil called Raspberry Seed Organic Oil, made by BioFinest.

Unlike the product reviewed above, this product is made with only organic ingredients. Thus, in addition to being natural, you know that no pesticides were added when making this product. Although this product is not made in the United States, it is packaged here, which might be an important consideration for you.

It has all of the same benefits as the raspberry oil that was previously described. The main difference is that one raspberry oil is made with only organic ingredients while the other is not.

If the smell of the raspberry seed oil is a concern for you, you might want to try a different kind of oil that has many comparable benefits to see if you find the smell more tolerable.

There is an Egyptian Carrot Seed oil made by Shea Terra Organics which might be a good alternative. This product also has vitamin E and can be used to quell itching. However, this product is best for the skin and may not work as well in your hair.


Botanical Beauty Raspberry Seed Oil is a great way to naturally derive additional health benefits for your skin without adding unnecessary ingredients. You can be sure that your hair and skin will look more radiant. However, beauty does come with a price. In this case, you have to be willing to put up with a product that does not smell so great.

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